Handling of Personal Information

1. Name and address of the organization and Name of the representative

Name of the organization: License Academy Co., Ltd
Address: Hyakuninchou 2-17-24 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
Name of the representative: President Yasunori Shirota

1. Privacy Officer

License Academy Co., Ltd (hereinafter called “The Company”) appoints a Privacy Officer and obtains, uses, provides, jointly uses and administers personal information under the responsibility of the officer.

Privacy Officer
Head of the Personal Information Protection Management Office
Contact: 03-5925-1643

2. Purpose of Usage

Please check the privacy policies indicated at the time of providing personal information under disclosure to clarify its purpose of usage.
Personal information obtained by the company shall be handled to a limited purpose(s) agreed by a customer him/herself, and shall not be used for any other purpose(s) without prior consent from a customer him/herself.

The company also handles private information entrusted to the company to conduct services such as Guidance business, Publishing business and Newspaper business.

3. Provision of personal information to a third party

The Company shall not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining consent from a customer. However, personal information may be provided without obtaining consent in the following cases:

  1. (1) When laws/acts require
  2. (2) When a life, a physical body and/or assets need to be protected but consent cannot be obtained
  3. (3) When the improvement of public hygiene and/or the sound development of children is required but consent cannot be obtained from a customer.
  4. (4) When the governmental organization, a local government or an organization outsourced by the said government requests cooperation so that legal work can be executed but difficulty may arise in conducting the said legal work if consent from a customer is obtained.

  5. (5) When a part or whole of operation/work handling personal information is outsourced within a required scope for a purpose of completing the usage purpose.
  6. (6) When personal information is provided as a result of merger or other reasons required for the succession of business, and the said personal information is handled within a scope of the usage purpose.

4. Request for “Disclosure” and/or “Correction” of personal information or records of provision to a third party

The Company shall disclose, revise (correction, addition or deletion of contents), suspend its use (discontinuance of use, deletion, suspension/discontinuance of provision to a third party), upon request from a customer or his/her agent.

  1. A. Contact details and documents to be submitted when requesting for disclosure
    Contact by phone when requesting a disclosure. (Please see Section.6 for the contact detail)Documents required for request shall be explained over the phone.
  2. B. Verification of a customer is required indicating the information below when requesting a disclosure:
    - Name, address, phone numbers.
  3. C. Reply to requested disclosure
    Reply shall be given in writing or the method specified to an address stated on the application form. Specify a reply method when applying for disclosure if reply is preferred in a manner other than in writing.
  4. D. Reasons for nondisclosure.
    Nondisclosure shall be applied in the following cases. Once the nondisclosure is decided, a decision and reason(s) shall be notified.
  1. (1) When a customer cannot be identified due to some inconsistencies including unmatched addresses between an application and registration.
  2. (2) When a proxy cannot be verified in case that an agent applies.
  3. (3) When designated documents are incomplete.
  4. (4) When the subject to disclosure requested does not correspond to the disclosure of personal information.
  5. (5) When the life, body, assets and/or other rights/benefits can be damaged.
  6. (6) When the business/duties of the Company may be seriously disturbed.
  7. (7) When other laws/acts are violated.

5. Claim and Consultation Counter

The Company shall handle any complaints, consultation and other inquiries appropriately and without delay. Contact us by phone for claim and consultation regarding personal information. (Please see Section 6)

6. Contact for inquiries on personal information (disclosure, Correction, Claim and Consultation)

License Academy Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Protection Management Office
Phone: 03-5925-1643
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00/Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays)

7. Accredited Personal Information Protection Body


< Name and contact detail of our company’s accredited Personal Information Protection Body >
< Contact detail for settlement of complaints >
Division of complaints and consultation on protection of personal information
Address: 〒106-0032
12th Floor, Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5860-7565, 0120-700-779